Prairie Points

How to make a prairie point.

  Prairie points are three dimensional designs that can be added to your quilting. Often they are used in a border treatment. They are made by folding and pressing fabric and then sewing the finished points to your quilt. First cut a square and then fold it in half.  Next fold the corners down to… Continue reading Prairie Points


There are many types of precut fabrics available, nicknamed Precuts. Quilters like to use these because they’re PreCUT!    NOTE:  to enlarge the video, click the PLAY button, then click the full-screen icon at the bottom right of the video. TRANSCRIPT: Precuts – Encyclopedia “Precuts”There are many types of precut fabrics available.  Quilters like… Continue reading Precuts

Presser Foot

presser foot

A presser foot holds the fabric while you sew on your sewing machine. Under the presser foot and fabric are feed dogs that move the fabric through your machine. On most machines, the presser foot can be changes to best fit the sewing job. For example, a zipper foot allows you to sew close to… Continue reading Presser Foot


Pressing fabric for quilting is almost as important as sewing if you want to get crisp accurate seam lines. After sewing two pieces together I go to the iron and press down on top of this stitching. This will help nestle the threads into the fabric. Sometimes this is referred to as registering the seam.… Continue reading Pressing

Primary Colors

The three primary colors - red, yellow and blue. Green is a secondary color.

    The primary colors are red, blue and yellow.

Project Linus

A volunteer organization that provides quilts for children in need. If you would like more info please visit .