Nostalgic panel

    Some panels come with patchwork or applique printed on the fabric like these red and white applique blocks.  Other panels depict scenes such as the nostalgic one on the blue background below.     Panel sizes vary.  The brown floral panel was sold as a table runner.   Panels are great for trying… Continue reading Panels

Paper Piecing

    Paper piecing is a technique used in piecing. The fabric is sewn to a paper pattern. When the block is completed, the paper is ripped away. This method is extremely accurate and easy. It is often a good method for beginning quilters to learn. In the photos below, you can see the back… Continue reading Paper Piecing

Partial Seams

Quilters like to sew straight seams because these are easy to manage. At times, a more difficult inset seam is needed to complete a pieced block. Sometimes a partial seam can be used in place of the inset seam. Partial seams are straight seams that are sewn part of the way. Later, when all pieces… Continue reading Partial Seams

Patchwork Piecing

patchwork piecing - click image to enlarge -

Patchwork is a term that describes the piecing in the quilt top often made up of different sized shapes. In this photo, patchwork piecing can be seen in the many stars in this quilt. The stars are separated by pieces of plain fabric with no patchwork.  In the photo below, patchwork squares are separated by… Continue reading Patchwork Piecing


Sawtooth Star

    The term pattern has multiple meanings in the quilting world. Printed patterns can give quilters the directions they need to compete a project. Pattern can represent the design printed or woven into the fabric or the design quilted on fabric. A single quilt block can be referred to as the quilt pattern. The way… Continue reading Pattern