Needle Book

A needle book is a small case for storing needles.  Years ago you were given a small piece of fabric to hold a few pins and a needle when you first learned to sew.   A more elaborate needle book often became a beginner’s first project.  In the 60’s and 70’s home economic students made… Continue reading Needle Book

Needle Threaders

There are many types of needle threaders.

    There are many styles of needle threaders to make the task of threading the needle easier for you.  In the above photo, I’ve gathered some different threaders rather than the thin wire ones found in most sewing kits.  The red needle threader includes a stand for thread and a holder for the needle. … Continue reading Needle Threaders

Needle Turn Applique

Needle turn applique refers to a hand sewing technique. Your pattern is first drawn on top of a piece of fabric. The appliqué pattern is placed on the background fabric. As you sew around the design, the seam allowance is cut and turned under using your needle. Needle turn applique is a type of hand… Continue reading Needle Turn Applique

Needle Up, Needle Down

“Needle up, needle down” (or sometimes just “needle up”) is a handy feature found on some sewing machines.  It gives the sewer the ability to program the machine’s needle position after sewing.  When the needle up function is in use, the needle ends in the up position – out of the fabric.  If you press… Continue reading Needle Up, Needle Down


There are many sizes and types of needles that you may choose.

There are many different sizes and shapes of sewing needles available. Each type of sewing needle is best suited for a certain sewing job. Always try to use the proper needle for your sewing project. For example, you wouldn’t use a thick needle with a large eye when working with delicate fabric.  You would want… Continue reading Needles