Contrasting thread and backing

  Quilt meandering refers to a type of random stitching pattern that will add texture to the quilt surface. It can be done by hand or by machine. Below is a photo of a machine quilting sample. The meandering stitch is in the center of the piece.  I used my machine’s darning foot attachment to… Continue reading Meander

Measuring tape

Measuring Tapes

    A tape made of fabric or plastic that is marked off in inches or centimeters is used to measure items that are curved.  Quilters rarely use these tapes for measuring when piecing.  Acrylic rulers are the popular measuring devices that quilters rely on. If you would like to purchase a measuring tape, click… Continue reading Measuring tape

Medallion Quilt

A medallion quilt is a quilt with a large center block that is the focal point of the quilt. It may be surrounded by other quilt blocks or borders. Sometimes the center is a motif found printed on fabric or it is a pieced or appliqueed design. A feathered star is in the center of… Continue reading Medallion Quilt