Matchbook Quilting

Matchstick Runner

Matchbook Quilting is a type of quilting usually used to add texture to the project.  Stitching lines are close together; about 1/8″ to a 1/4″ apart.  These lines resemble the vertical lines in a matchbook. Below you will find a video about Matchbook Quilting using your machine without a walking foot.  The project featured in… Continue reading Matchbook Quilting

Matching Seams

The pattern in the tree quilt is set on point. The sampler quilt contains many different patterns.

Most patchwork involves matching seams.  The more pieces in a quilt, the more seams that need to match.  Below are videos with tips for sewing perfect seam intersections every time. Matching Intersections (4 videos) Intro (1 of 4) Cutting (2 of 4) Sewing (3 of 4) Pressing (4 of 4) Matching Points (2 videos) Matching… Continue reading Matching Seams