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Machine Piecing

Machine piecing refers to piecing the quilt on your sewing machine as opposed to hand piecing which is sewing the quilt by hand.

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Quilters mark their quilts with a design using many different tools and techniques. Always test a scrap of fabric before marking your quilt top. The marking Read more

Masking Tape

Thin masking tape (1/4 inch thick) can be applied to your top temporarily to be used as a guide for quilting stitches. If you leave the tape on your quilt Read more


Quilt meandering refers to a type of random stitching pattern that will add texture to the quilt surface. It can be done by hand or by machine. Below is Read more

Medallion Quilt

A medallion quilt is a quilt with a large center block that is the focal point of the quilt. It may be surrounded by other quilt blocks or borders. Sometimes Read more

Mirror Image

Mirror image shapes look like the same shape, but when placed in the quilt block they must “mirror” each other. Learn about quilt patterns that Read more


Muslin fabric is a type of woven cotton material that quilters often use as a background fabric. It usually costs less than other cottons. Muslin fabrics Read more
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