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Lap Quilting

Lap quilting is a method of quilting that can be done – in your lap. Small sections of the quilt are pieced and layered with the batting and backing. Read more

Lap Quilts

A lap quilt fits over your lap. Sometimes beginners start their quilting careers by putting together lap quilts. There is less piecing in lap quilts and Read more


Some quilts are designed with fabric strips separating the blocks. These strips are sometimes referred to as the lattice.

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Layer Cakes

Layer Cakes is a name given to pre-cut squares that are 10 inch x 10 inch.     Also see: Pre-cuts   Read more

Layering a Quilt

Layering a quilt refers to the process when all three layers of the quilt are put together. In this photo that demonstrates layering a quilt, also known Read more

Lengthwise Grain

  Lengthwise grain and straight of grain refer to the same part of the fabric. They are parallel to the selvage. Also see cross grain for more Read more

Loft Batting

The thickness of the batting is the loft of the batting. A low loft batting may only be 1/4 inch thick. A high loft batting may be 3 inches thick. The Read more

Log Cabin

    The Log Cabin has been a popular quilt block for over 100 years.  The pattern has a square in the center (the hearth) surrounded Read more
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