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In The Ditch

Stitching in the ditch is a machine quilting technique. Seam lines (the “ditch”) on the quilt top are stitched while using a walking foot on your machine. Read more

Indigo Blue

Indigo blue is a dark blue color originally derived from plants. It was quite popular (and expensive) during the colonial times. These fabric patterns Read more

Invisible Stitch

The invisible stitch is used by quilters for applique. The stitches are often 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch apart and are hidden. It is up to you to decide what Read more

Invisible Thread

Invisible thread is sometimes used by quilters to quilt the top of the quilt. Since it is invisible it is not suppose to draw attention. It just gives Read more


Ironing is also known as pressing.

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Isosceles Triangle

  An isosceles triangle is sometimes used in piecework. More advanced piecing skills are needed when dealing with this type of triangle as Read more
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