Full Size Quilts

Full size quilts will cover a full size bed. The standard dimension of the mattress is 52 inches by 75 inches. The standard full size quilt is 80 inches by 104 inches .


Blue satin stitches are around the edges of the flames to the right.

  A fusible is an iron-on product that fuses to fabric and other surfaces. There are many fusible products on the market. Some can only be ironed on one side. Others are two-sided. The weights of the different fusibles vary as do the directions for applying the different products. Always read the directions before using… Continue reading Fusible

Fussy Cut

  A fussy cut refers to cutting out a particular design in the fabric. Usually a quilt template is positioned over the design area. The template is traced on the fabric and then the design area is cut out. It is almost impossible to fussy cut designs when using rotary cutting and strip piecing methods.… Continue reading Fussy Cut