Antique blocks on newspaper foundation

  Quilters sometimes sew fabric on top of a foundation. Foundations are used when the fabric (bias-cut fabric, knits, silks, velvet, and other specialty materials) in the quilt top is difficult to sew and keep straight. The foundation can be fabric or paper. Muslin works well as a foundation because it is cheap and does… Continue reading Foundation

Foundation Piecing

Foundations are used in paper piecing.

      Foundation piecing is a method that quilters use to sew blocks together. Beginners find this quite useful in helping with accuracy. Paper, interfacing or fabric (usually muslin) is used as a backing for sewing.  In the photo above, the red, yellow, blue and white fabrics have been sewn to the paper foundation. … Continue reading Foundation Piecing

Four Patch

A four patch block has four squares.

  A four patch is a block based on four equal units. The most common or basic four patch is a block made up of four squares.  Four patch squares can stand on their own in a quilt (yellow quilt) or be part of a design (red quilt).     If you want to learn… Continue reading Four Patch