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  Any fabric can be used as a quilt fabric. Just be aware of the fact that some fabrics won’t sew as easily as cotton. Quilters usually use Read more

Fabric Bias

The quilter’s four letter word.  The bias of a piece of fabric is any diagonal across the fabric.  The true bias is the diagonal that is at a 45 degree Read more

Fabric Cutter

Move over rotary cutters.  There's a new cutter in town that is much more accurate (and expensive).  Today's quilter can purchase die cut machines to Read more

Fabric Line

The fabrics in this photo are part of a fabric line from Moda.  It is a collection of fabrics that compliment each other through matching colors, designs Read more

Fabric Shadow

    Seams pressed to a lighter fabric will sometimes show up as a shadow.  In the above photo, the red has been pressed to the white Read more
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