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Freezer Paper

You can buy freezer paper in your neighborhood grocery store. It is on the shelf by aluminum foil and plastic wrap. One roll usually costs under $3.00. Read more

French Fold Binding

  I prefer to make my quilts with french fold binding. It will hold up to a lot of wear and tear. It can be cut from the straight of grain Read more

Full Size Quilts

Full size quilts will cover a full size bed. The standard dimension of the mattress is 52 inches by 75 inches. The standard full size quilt is 80 inches Read more


  A fusible is an iron-on product that fuses to fabric and other surfaces. There are many fusible products on the market. Some can only be Read more

Fussy Cut

  A fussy cut refers to cutting out a particular design in the fabric. Usually a quilt template is positioned over the design area. The template Read more
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