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  Any fabric can be used as a quilt fabric. Just be aware of the fact that some fabrics won’t sew as easily as cotton. Quilters usually use Read more

Fabric Bias

The quilter’s four letter word.  The bias of a piece of fabric is any diagonal across the fabric.  The true bias is the diagonal that is at a 45 degree Read more

Fabric Cutter

Move over rotary cutters.  There's a new cutter in town that is much more accurate (and expensive).  Today's quilter can purchase die cut machines to Read more

Fabric Line

The fabrics in this photo are part of a fabric line from Moda.  It is a collection of fabrics that compliment each other through matching colors, designs Read more

Fabric Shadow

    Seams pressed to a lighter fabric will sometimes show up as a shadow.  In the above photo, the red has been pressed to the white Read more

Fat Quarter

A fat quarter refers to a cut of fabric that is a quarter of a yard in area. It differs from a regular quarter of a yard by its shape. A regular quarter Read more

Feed Dogs

The feed dogs are located on your sewing machine under the machine foot. The feed dogs have little teeth that help to grab and pull the fabric through Read more


Batting is sometimes referred to as the quilt filler; same thing, different words. Read more

Finger Cots

Little rubber covers for your fingers will help you hold and move your fabric when machine quilting. These can be purchased at a medical supply store, Read more

Finger Pressing

You do not need an iron to finger press; only a finger! Sometimes you will not want to get up from your machine to press a little seam. So you put the Read more

Flying Geese

    Flying Geese is the name of a quilt pattern.  In the above photo, the three yellow triangles are the “geese” that are flying.  Read more

Focal Fabric

A focal fabric is used to pick out other fabrics for your quilt. The focal fabric is usually a multi-colored patterned fabric. It sets the mood of your Read more

Focus Fabric

A focus fabric or focal fabric will make it easier for you to choose fabric for your quilt. Sometimes the focus fabric may be a photo or a painting Read more


  Quilters sometimes sew fabric on top of a foundation. Foundations are used when the fabric (bias-cut fabric, knits, silks, velvet, and other Read more
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