Easing is a process where excess fabric is distributed gradually across a seam.  In clothing construction, most sleeves are eased into the bodice.  In quilting, borders often have to be eased in order to square up the quilt.  Sections of individual blocks can also be eased in to make sure the block is squared up.… Continue reading Easing

Echo Quilting

Elephant with echo quilting.

Echo quilting refers to a pattern of stitching that is used to hold all the quilt layers together. This pattern ‘echoes’ the design in the quilt.  Echo quilting is quite common in Hawaiian quilts and is almost always done by hand. In the above photo, the elephant motif has been outlined and then echoed in… Continue reading Echo Quilting

English Paper Piecing

    English paper piecing is a hand sewing sewing technique that uses paper patterns to hold the patchwork shape.  Fabric is “wrapped” around the shape and then held with temporary basting stitches.  After the pieces are stitched together on all sides, the paper is removed. The hexagon and pentagon are popular English paper piecing… Continue reading English Paper Piecing

Even Feed Foot

The even feed foot is another name for the walking foot. This foot is great for machine quilting straight or gently curved lines. It helps to keep all the quilt layers from shifting as it “walks” the top fabric along while the feed dogs below tend to the bottom layer. If you are interested in… Continue reading Even Feed Foot

Eye Spy Quilt

Eye Spy Wreath Star

“Eye Spy” (or “I Spy“) quilts are made from novelty fabrics.  They serve a dual purpose – providing warmth and providing entertainment.  Children make a game of searching for objects hidden throughout these quilts.  The game begins when someone says “I spy with my little eye a ____ (name of object)”. Eye Spy quilts are… Continue reading Eye Spy Quilt