Crazy Quilt

Crazy quilts are ….. crazy!  They have no set pattern. Fabric is sewn where ever it fits. Often trims and/or embroidery are added to the blocks.  Crazy quilts were most popular in the late 1800’s. An example of a log cabin crazy quilt is shown below. (These are the curtains in my family room.) It’s… Continue reading Crazy Quilt

Crib Size

A crib size quilt is made for a crib.  The standard measurement is 40 inches by 56 inches but can be smaller. Sometimes referred to as baby quilts, crib quilts are great projects for beginners as they are easier to handle when quilting.  Under LearnHowToQuilt’s Quilting Classes, you will find a number of small quilts… Continue reading Crib Size

Cross Grain

The cross grain of a fabric, also called Crosswise Grain is the grain that runs crosswise (at a right angle) to the selvage. In order to find the fabric’s cross grain, you need to be familiar with some other terms. The selvage is the light green strip at the top of the cotton fabric pictured below.… Continue reading Cross Grain


crosshatch - click picture to enlarge -

Crosshatch is a traditional quilting pattern.  Vertical and horizontal lines cross to form a grid on the quilt top.  These lines may be spaced close together (heavy quilting) or further apart (moderately quilted). On the left hand side of the photo below you can see the pattern made when the quilting lines “cross”. This crosshatching… Continue reading Crosshatch


Crumbs are slang for small scraps of fabric.  There’s not set size for a crumb but I think any scrap less than 4″ fits into this category.  Some folks define this as any piece of fabric less than 2″.  (That’s really small!) Crumbs and strings (long strips of scrap fabric) can be used for projects… Continue reading Crumbs