Colorfast Fabrics

You  want to use fabrics that are colorfast in your quilt.  If the dye in a fabric runs when you wash it, your whole quilt could be ruined.  I recommend washing all your fabrics before you begin (or at least soaking them in warm water to see if they run).  If you notice color in… Continue reading Colorfast Fabrics


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    A colorway refers to the color of the pattern in fabrics. Below you will find 3 fabrics in different colorways. The print design on each fabric is the same (even though I have the fabric on the right in the top photo turned in the opposite direction – sorry!). The color combinations are different.… Continue reading Colorway


A quilt comforter is a type of quilt  that has a high loft batting inside.  It is  almost impossible to machine quilt these on our home sewing machines (they can be commercially quilted), so these quilts are often tied.

Complimentary Color

Orange and blue are complimentary colors.

    A complimentary color is the color opposite the color you are using on the color wheel.  Orange is the compliment of blue.  Green is the compliment of red.  Purple is the compliment of yellow. Using complimentary colors can give your quilt pizzazz.  Try using these in your next quilt.  If you aren’t sure about… Continue reading Complimentary Color


A coverlet refers to a small cover.