Chain Piecing

Chain Piecing

Chain piecing refers to a sewing process. When you chain piece, patchwork sets are sewn one after the other. You do not back stitch.  You do not cut the thread.  The second set goes right behind the first and you continue sewing.  Then the third is added, and so (sew) on…. This can save you… Continue reading Chain Piecing


There are many different types of marking tools.

  Quilters sometimes use chalk to mark their quilting designs especially if the background is a dark fabric.  There are many different types of chalk on the market.  Some wash out and some disappear with a hot dry iron.  It’s best to try the product on a small practice piece of fabric before marking a… Continue reading Chalk

Challenge Quilt

A challenge quilt refers to a ‘contest’ that quilters enter.  Sometimes there are prizes for the winners and sometimes there aren’t.  Each challenge has different rules. Sometimes the challenge quilt involves using a particular fabric or groups of fabric in your quilts.  Often the fabric companies will use a challenge to introduce a new line… Continue reading Challenge Quilt

Charm Quilt

Charm quilts are made up of different pieces of fabric.  No one fabric is repeated.  Often these quilts are also classified as one patch quilts as the shape is the same  throughout the quilt. The colorful quilt on the left is a charm quilt as no two fabrics are alike. (The two white/grey checks may… Continue reading Charm Quilt

Charm Squares

Charm squares are 100% cotton fabric squares that are usually about 5”. A charm pack is made up of all different pre-cut fabrics; no 2 are alike. Quilters like to collect these to make charm quilts (no two pieces are from the same fabric). The squares are also fun to exchange with fellow quilters. If… Continue reading Charm Squares