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Calico Fabric

A calico fabric is made from cotton and has a tiny print on it.  In the 60’s and 70’s this was quite popular.  Often it was the only printed cotton Read more

Chain Piecing

You can save time by ‘stringing  together’ a number of quilting pieces on your sewing machine.  Place the first quilt to be sewn in your machine Read more


Quilters sometimes use chalk to mark their quilting designs especially if the background is a dark fabric.  There are many different types of chalk on Read more

Challenge Quilt

A challenge refers to making sense of this definition – ha, ha!  A challenge quilt refers to a ‘contest’ that quilters enter.  Sometimes there Read more

Charm Quilt

Charm quilts are made up of many pieces of fabric.  No one fabric is repeated.  Often charm quilts are also classified as one patch quilts.

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Charm Squares

Charm squares are 100% cotton fabric squares that are usually about 5”. A charm pack is made up of all different fabrics; no 2 are alike. Quilters like Read more


Chintz refers to a type of cotton fabric that is patterned and glazed.

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The clamshell pattern is a traditional pattern used for quilting.

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Color Wheel

The color wheel is used in many fields other than quilting. It shows the primary colors, the secondary colors and often different shades and hues. Some Read more

Colorfast Fabrics

You  want to use fabrics that are colorfast in your quilt.  If the dye in a fabric runs when you wash it, your whole quilt could be ruined.  I recommend Read more
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