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Calico Fabric

A calico fabric is made from cotton and has a tiny print on it.  In the 60’s and 70’s this was quite popular.  Often it was the only printed cotton Read more

Chain Piecing

Chain piecing refers to a sewing process. When you chain piece, patchwork sets are sewn one after the other. You do not back stitch.  You do not cut the Read more


  Quilters sometimes use chalk to mark their quilting designs especially if the background is a dark fabric.  There are many different types Read more

Challenge Quilt

A challenge refers to making sense of this definition – ha, ha!  A challenge quilt refers to a ‘contest’ that quilters enter.  Sometimes there Read more

Charm Quilt

Charm quilts are made up of many pieces of fabric.  No one fabric is repeated.  Often charm quilts are also classified as one patch quilts.

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Charm Squares

Charm squares are 100% cotton fabric squares that are usually about 5”. A charm pack is made up of all different fabrics; no 2 are alike. Quilters like Read more


Chintz refers to a type of cotton fabric that is patterned and glazed.

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Colorfast Fabrics

You  want to use fabrics that are colorfast in your quilt.  If the dye in a fabric runs when you wash it, your whole quilt could be ruined.  I recommend Read more


    A colorway refers to the color of the pattern in fabrics. Below you will find 3 fabrics in different colorways. The print design Read more


A quilt comforter is a type of quilt  that has a high loft batting inside.  It is  almost impossible to machine quilt these on our home sewing machines Read more

Complimentary Color

    A complimentary color is the color opposite the color you are using on the color wheel.  Orange is the compliment of blue.  Read more

Corner Triangle

    Corner triangles are triangles that “live” in the corners of the quilt (or a quilt block).  They are often used when squares Read more


A coverlet refers to a small cover.

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Crazy Quilt

Crazy quilts are ….. crazy!  They have no set pattern. hey have no set pattern.  Fabric is sewn where ever it fits.  Crazy quilts were popular in Read more

Crib Size

A crib size quilt is made for a crib.  The standard measurement is 40 inches by 56 inches.

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Cross Grain

The cross grain of a fabric, also called Crosswise Grain is the grain that runs crosswise (at a right angle) to the selvage. In order to find the fabric's Read more

Cutting Board

In order to use a rotary cutter properly, you need to have a self-healing cutting mat. See cutting mat . An example of a cutting board for fabric is Read more
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