Bearding occurs when the synthetic batting is working its way through the fabric to the top of the quilt.  No one knows exactly why this happens to certain quilts.  Sometimes bearding is noticed more on dark quilts that have light batting.  That is why it is sometimes better to use a colored batting (dark grey)… Continue reading Bearding

Beeswax for Thread

Thread is being pulled through beeswax.

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honeybees. It has been around since ancient times being used in candles, polishing agents and cosmetics. Quilters often use beeswax on their thread before hand stitching.  This strengthens the thread and allows it to glide easily through the fabric.  It also helps to reduce tangles. You can find… Continue reading Beeswax for Thread

Between Needles

Between what?  I never did understand why they are called betweens.  Between needles are what quilters use for quilting the ‘sandwhich’ together. The shaft of the needle is shorter than most needles. Between needles come in different sizes based on the eye of the needle..  The higher the number the smaller the eye.  Beginners might start… Continue reading Between Needles