Acid-Free Tissue Paper

acid free tissue paper

A type of paper that is used for safely storing quilts. Acid-free tissue paper is made without the chemicals that can destroy the fabric over time.  This tissue paper is placed between the folds in the quilt.  Every couple of months the quilt should be refolded to ensure the fold lines are not set into… Continue reading Acid-Free Tissue Paper

Acrylic Ruler

Acrylic rulers are used for rotary cutting.  They come in many sizes and shapes.  Probably the most popular size for beginners is the 6 inches x 12 inches ( or 6 1/2 x 12 1/2).  When purchasing a rotary ruler, make sure the grid is correct.  Use other rulers to check its accuracy.  Most of… Continue reading Acrylic Ruler

Album Quilt

  An Album Quilt is a type of friendship quilt.  Individual blocks are signed by friends and assembled into a quilt.  Album Quilts are then given to friends, relatives, pastors, or other public officials often commemorating a special event in their lives. A popular album quilt is called a Baltimore Album which often has elaborate… Continue reading Album Quilt

Alternate set

alternate set

Placing a different square between pieced squares is referred to as an alternate set.   In this quilt, the light pink squares alternate with the patchwork blocks. The pink squares are an alternate set. This quilt is also an example of a diagonal set as the blocks are turned on point (diamond-like instead of squares). In the… Continue reading Alternate set


Amish Quilt

  This describes a style of quilt particular to the Amish people.  The Amish quilts are often made from traditional patterns with stunning solid colored fabric.  These quilts are sewn by hand and are usually heavily quilted. Today many Amish communities sell quilts to tourists passing through their towns.  They also having traveling “trunk shows”… Continue reading Amish


This pink elephant is fused to the background.

Refers to the process by which one piece of fabric is applied to another.  There are many different appliqué techniques.  (Please see Appliqué Intro video below.) The type of stitching and the application technique is up to the individual quilter.  This decision is often based on the talent of the quilter and the ‘look’ of… Continue reading Applique