There are many types of precut fabrics available, nicknamed Precuts. Quilters like to use these because they’re PreCUT!

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TRANSCRIPT: Precuts – Encyclopedia

“Precuts”There are many types of precut fabrics available.  Quilters like to use these because they’re PreCUT!  You save time and you waste less using these products.  Fat quarters, which measure 18 by 44/45 inches, were the first precuts.  Let me open one to show you what it looks like.  You can go into most quilt shops today and find a bin nearby filled with these.  OR you can usually request that a fat quarter be cut off the bolt.  Quilt shops began putting these together into coordinating packets. This eliminated the need to hunt down matching fabrics for quilting projects and quilters really liked this.Fabric companies realized this was a successful marketing technique.  “Why stop at fat quarters?  Maybe quilters would be interested in other shapes and sizes.”  And thus began the precut frenzy.  Today, some of the more popular precuts are strips that measure 2 ½ inches by 44/45 inches, and then these 5 and 10 inch squares.Some of the fabric companies have names for the different sizes.  For example, Moda calls their 10 inch squares – Layer Cakes.  Kaufman calls their 10 inch squares – Ten Square.  Strips go by many different names such as Jelly Rolls, Pops, Honey Buns, Pixie Strips, Tonga Treats, or Roll Ups.  Sound confusing? You can download a handout with all the different names and sizes of the more popular precuts in our Encyclopedia under the entry, “Precuts”.Let me grab one of these so you can see what’s inside.  This Layer Cake contains 40 squares from this fabric line.  The fabrics have different designs but are all color coordinated.Precuts are also fun to collect!  They are a cheap way to own a whole line of fabric.  I just loved these shimmery prints from Jennifer Sampou but I couldn’t decide which ones to buy.  So, this 10 Square packet solved my dilemma and I got all of them.You don’t have to rely on the fabric manufactures for your precuts.  Get together with your friends and have a precut party to exchange your own specialty cuts.  It’s a great way to build your stash!

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