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A quilt comforter is a type of quilt  that has a high loft batting inside.  It is  almost impossible to machine quilt these on our home sewing machines Read more

Complimentary Color

    A complimentary color is the color opposite the color you are using on the color wheel.  Orange is the compliment of blue.  Read more

Corner Triangle

    Corner triangles are triangles that “live” in the corners of the quilt (or a quilt block).  They are often used when squares Read more


A coverlet refers to a small cover.

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Crazy Quilt

Crazy quilts are ….. crazy!  They have no set pattern. hey have no set pattern.  Fabric is sewn where ever it fits.  Crazy quilts were popular in Read more

Crib Size

A crib size quilt is made for a crib.  The standard measurement is 40 inches by 56 inches.

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Cross Grain

The cross grain of a fabric, also called Crosswise Grain is the grain that runs crosswise (at a right angle) to the selvage. In order to find the fabric's Read more

Cutting Board

In order to use a rotary cutter properly, you need to have a self-healing cutting mat. See cutting mat . An example of a cutting board for fabric is Read more

Cutting Lines

    Often a pattern piece will have the sewing lines marked along with the cutting lines.  There is no industry standard for the markings. Read more

Cutting Mat

A cutting mat must be used with your rotary cutter. Cutting mats are available in a number of sizes from key chain size (used as a decoration) all the Read more

Darning foot

A darning foot is an attachment for your sewing machine. It can be made from plastic or metal. Usually a small square or circle is at the base of this Read more

Decorative Stitches

Decorative stitches are stitches that …. decorate! Most embroidery stitches are considered decorative stitches. These can be done by hand or by machine Read more

Design Wall

The design wall is where you lay out your quilt. It is much easier to see the overall design of your quilt when it is vertical and viewed from a distance. Read more

Diagonal Set

‘Set’ refers to the way you set up the blocks in your quilt. A diagonal set means the blocks are turned ‘on point’ (squares turned into diamonds). The Read more


There are many different shapes in this quilt – triangles, squares, octagon, kites and diamonds.  The diamond shape at the end of each star point has Read more


Quilt drafting refers to drawing your quilt block on paper (usually graph paper). You can use your drafted block to make templates and/or to figure out Read more

Echo Quilting

  Echo quilting refers to a pattern of stitching that is used to hold all the quilt layers together. This pattern ‘echoes’ the design in Read more
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