The triangle is a popular basic shape used in quilts. Unlike a square, the triangle’s sides and angles are not always equal. Care must be taken when laying out triangles and when sewing them together.  Watch the video below to find out about the different triangles and how to rotary cut them. You will also… Continue reading Triangle

Turkey Red

The red in this Stepping Stones block is called Turkey Red.

    Turkey Red is the name of a dye color that was quite popular in the 1800’s.  On many antique quilts, the darker red has faded to a brown color.

Twin Size

A twin size mattress measures 39 inches by 94 inches.

Tying a Quilt

  Tying a quilt: A quilt’s layer can be secured together by tying. Yarn or embroidery floss is threaded on a needle and stitched down and then up through all layers of the quilt ‘sandwich’. The yarn or floss is then tied in a knot (I prefer to double knot) and clipped. If you would… Continue reading Tying a Quilt


  The fabric value is the relationship of one fabric color to another with respect to lightness and darkness. Fabric value is often overlooked when choosing fabric. Most of us go to the fabric store thinking about color rather than value. Quilters need to include a mix of fabrics of different values (lights, mediums, and… Continue reading Value

Walking Foot

The walking foot fits on your sewing machine and is a must for machine quilting.  Usually it does not come with your machine. (Some machines do come with a built in walking foot.) Most sewing machine shops carry these feet in stock. You need to know what type of shank you have on your machine – straight… Continue reading Walking Foot


y seams

Y-seams are a type of seam that is sometimes required for patchwork and mitered seams. It is called a Y-seam because it resembles the shape of the letter Y. Y-seams are seams that form a “Y” at the intersection of 3 pieces of fabric. Another name for Y-seams is inset seams. Learn about Y-seams in… Continue reading Y-Seams


One Yard

A yard measures 36 inches or 3 feet. A yard of fabric is 36 inches by whatever width is listed on the bolt. A yard of most cotton fabric is 36 inches by 44/45 inches. Backing fabric for quilters has gained in popularity recently.  A yard of backing fabric is usually 36 inches by 108… Continue reading Yard


Yo-yo's make great gift tags!

  Little circles of fabric that have been gathered are called yo-yo’s. Fabric Yo-Yo’s can be put together into a quilt or can be used separately for applique. Find out how to make these below (skip to 3:56):

Zigzag Stitch

Decorative Stitching

    A zigzag stitch comes as a standard stitch on most machines.  While quilters rarely use this when piecing, the stitch can add decorative stitching to quilts.  If appliquéing by machine, a zig zag can be stitched along the edge to secure the appliqué to the background.  Some quilters also like to machine stitch… Continue reading Zigzag Stitch