Novelty Fabric

Novelty Fabric

Novelty Fabric

The term novelty fabric describes material with silly and fun images.  The photo shows the range of themes that can appear on novelty fabrics; from eggs and bacon to elephants in skirts.  There are so many different and unusual novelty prints available in the market place today.  Collecting novelty prints can become an addictive hobby!

Novelty fabrics can turn your projects into wonderful conversational pieces.  I like to use these prints in “I Spy” quilts.  Children enjoy searching for the different items printed on novelty yardage.  If you would like to buy a package of different prints, click here.

I Spy Crayon Quilt
I Spy Crayon Quilt


I Spy Quilt Label
I Spy Label on Quilt Back


I Spy Scroll
“I Spy” Scroll


Wreath Star Quilt
I Spy Star Wreath


Eye Spy Selvages
“Eye Spy” Selvage Bricks

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