Nine Patch

9 Patch
A Nine Patch is made up of nine squares.

Nine Patch Introduction

Nine patch quilt squares are popular blocks. Each block has nine sections placed in three rows of three squares.  There are many techniques for making nine patch blocks.  Check out  the video below for more info about nine patch blocks and how they are constructed.

The quilt top in the photo below features pink and white nine patch quilt blocks. These blocks are set on point. This is a great beginner pattern.

Nine Patch Quilt Blocks
Nine Patch Quilt

Below is a photo of a Blooming Nine Patch quilt.  It is made up of the same two blocks found in the pink and white quilt; solid squares and nine patch blocks. The difference in the two quilts is the placement of the different colored fabrics.  If you would like to find out more about this quilt, here is a link to the FREE video and pattern.

blooming nine patch
Blooming Nine Patch

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