Needle Up, Needle Down

Needle Up

“Needle up, needle down” (or sometimes just “needle up”) is a handy feature found on some sewing machines.  It gives the sewer the ability to program the machine’s needle position after sewing.  When the needle up function is in use, the needle ends in the up position – out of the fabric.  If you press the needle down position, the needle always ends in the fabric.

Needle down is perfect for quilting as you want that needle to stay put while you pivot or move the quilt around.  Needle down is also great when stitching patchwork, especially when chaining pieces together. When sewing in a circular motion with needle down, you don’t have to worry about loosing stitches when you lift the pressure foot.


Needle up is used when you want to start stitching inside the garments edges.  It’s also used when you want to end stitching and move your fabric from the machine.

Needle Up

Check out the video below for more info.


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