Needle Book

How to Make a Needle Book

A needle book is a small case for storing needles.  Years ago you were given a small piece of fabric to hold a few pins and a needle when you first learned to sew.   A more elaborate needle book often became a beginner’s first project.  In the 60’s and 70’s home economic students made needle cases resembling fruit and vegetables by sewing green felt leaves to purple felt circles (plum) or red circles (tomato).  Once completed, this became the student’s needle book.

Needle Case
Felt Needle Case

Below is a photo of needle books belonging to my mother and grandmother. Each forms a bonnet when closed.  These needle books/cases also had room for thread.

Needle Book Bonnet

You can purchase needle books or cases online.  My favorite is the Quilt Dome by Clover because it keeps threaded needles from tangling.  Here’s a link to see how it works.  If you are interested, you can buy this from Amazon (click here).

Quilt Dome
Quilt Dome Needle Case

Want to make your own needle book?  You’ll find a how-to video for making an inexpensive needle book.  It makes a great project for a new sewer.

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