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Video thumbnail for youtube video Grids - - Quilting Encyclopedia and Tutorials

Quilters often use grids to design their quilts.

grid quilting
Grids for Quilting
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Grid quilting systems are used in most quilts with the exception of free-form-piecing, crazy quilting and applique. Understanding the “grid” can help you draft and piece your block/quilt pattern.

Watch the video below to learn how quilters use different grids when drafting their blocks.

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TRANSCRIPT: Grid Quilting – Encyclopedia

Many patchwork blocks can be broken down into a grid system. For example, in this 6 inch square, the block has been divided into 4 equal sections, that’s considered a four patch block. We can take that grid to make a pin wheel block. Once again we have a 6 inch block, divided into 4 equal sections, but each one of those sections have been cut on the diagonal. Probably one of the most common grid systems is the 9 patch, where you have nine equal areas in your grid. Now you can make a block out of those nine equal areas like this or you can change some of those areas. For example, in this block, these areas have been split in half, and so you can come up with a different style block, but it’s still based on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 equal squares. Here is another block that’s made out of a 9 patch grid and here is another block made from a 9 patch grid.

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