Blue satin stitches are around the edges of the flames to the right.
This pink elephant is fused to the background.


A fusible is an iron-on product that fuses to fabric and other surfaces. There are many fusible products on the market. Some can only be ironed on one side. Others are two-sided. The weights of the different fusibles vary as do the directions for applying the different products. Always read the directions before using this on a project.

Fusible Applique – These flames were “fused” (ironed) on to the background fabric. I made them using a fusible product that I ironed to the back of the flame fabrics (done in sections). Next I cut out the flames and then ironed them on to the background.

One of the flames has a satin stitched border. By stitching around the edge of the fusible, I won’t have to worry about this coming apart in the wash. The other flame has no stitching. It will hold up if I decide to use it as a wall hanging but I will not be able to successfully wash it unless I stitch around the edge.

For more info, view the video below:

fusible applique
fusible applique
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