Freezer Paper

You can buy freezer paper in your neighborhood grocery store (or through Amazon). It is on the shelf by aluminum foil and plastic wrap. One roll usually costs under $6.00. The paper has a shiny side and a dull side.

Quilters use freezer paper for many things. Applique patterns can be cut from this paper and then ironed to the fabric. It also can be used as the foundation for paper piecing.  If you iron an 8 1/2″ by 11″ piece to fabric, you can run it through your printer to make your own fabric.

Always keep a role nearby.

If you’d like to purchase a roll of freezer paper, click here.

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freezer paper for quilting
freezer paper for quilting
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Learn what freezer paper looks like and how quilters use this in their projects.

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TRANSCRIPTS: Freezer Paper – Encyclopedia

Freezer paper can be found in a grocery store. It is two sided paper, one side is dull and the other side is shiny. Quilters can use this paper for many different projects. For example when you have an applique pattern, or actually, any sort of pattern that you want to trace; freezer paper makes great tracing paper, just put it over the pattern, and then draw the lines, like I’ve done here, for the star and for the circle. After the pattern has been traced it can be cut out and because freezer paper had a shiny side, it can be pressed to the fabric where it stays on the fabric. This makes it easy for me to go around and cut out the seam allowance. Or eyeball that quarter inch seam allowance.

Another project that quilters can use freezer paper for is, you can use this to run through your printer. So I’ve cut an 8 ½ by 11 piece of freezer paper. I’ve also cut 8 ½ by 11 piece of muslin, going to put those two together, press them and I’m going to come up with a piece that looks like this. And now I can run this through my computer printer. Actually I prefer to use black ink, but you can fool with it, see what you like. So here’s my piece that’s beeh run through. I’ve made a quilt label, that I can just cut this out, I heat set it with a hot dry iron and then I can applique this to the back of my quilt. I also can use this to transfer my templates on to fabric. So you can see freezer paper comes in handy for quilters.

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