Finger Cots

finger cots
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finger cots
finger cots
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Little rubber covers for your fingers will help you hold and move your fabric when machine quilting. These can be purchased at a medical supply store, drug store, or quilt shop. Some quilters use one on each finger. I only cover my thumbs and middle fingers because I like my index fingers free. Usually I use these a few times and then replace them with a new set.

Yes, these are finger cots – for your FINGERS! (I often get many comments about these.) There are gloves on the market for machine quilters but I prefer these to help me steady the fabric in my machine. They also can be helpful when trying to pull a needle through multiple thicknesses.

Below you will find a photo of a finger cot (on top of the box). I use these on my middle fingers and thumbs when machine quilting. Finger cots help to keep the fabric from slipping when machine quilting; especially when free motion quilting.

You may also purchase cotton gloves with rubber grips for your machine quilting. Many quilters find these to be most helpful. I prefer the cots because they aren’t so constricting.


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