Dresden Pattern

Seasonal Samplers Easy DRESDEN FLOWERS

The Dresden quilt pattern was written up about 100 years ago as a scrappy circular design made with “spiked” wedges meeting in the center.   It was named after the Dresden Plate that was popular in the Victorian times.  The plate was named after Dresden, Germany where many of these fancy floral plates were made.

The number of wedges or blades vary based on the degree of the angle used to draft the blades.  Usually this number is between 12 and 20.  Sometimes the blades are rounded rather than pointy.  You can draw up your own pattern or purchase templates for this pattern. If you would like to purchase a Dresden Plate template from Amazon, follow this link.

Check out this video to find out more about the Dresden Pattern and then discover how to make flowers with pointed petals and rounded petals. You’ll explore the following methods:


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