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crazy quilt curtains

crazy freeform quilting

Crazy quilts are ….. crazy!  They have no set pattern. Fabric is sewn where ever it fits. Often trims and/or embroidery are added to the blocks.  Crazy quilts were most popular in the late 1800’s.

An example of a log cabin crazy quilt is shown below. (These are the curtains in my family room.) It’s considered a crazy quilt because the pieces are just sewn together every which way. However, unlike most crazy quilts, a design can be seen in this quilt. A ‘sort of log cabin’ block has been constructed out of scraps. While there was not a pattern for the patchwork, care was taken to ensure each block’s center was red. Half of the ‘logs’ around the center were blue/green and the other half were gold.

crazy log cabin quilt curtains
crazy log cabin quilt curtains
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