Charm Squares

charm squares

Charm squares are 100% cotton fabric squares that are usually about 5”. A charm pack is made up of all different pre-cut fabrics; no 2 are alike. Quilters like to collect these to make charm quilts (no two pieces are from the same fabric). The squares are also fun to exchange with fellow quilters.

If you like a particular company’s fabric line but can’t afford to purchase yardage from all the bolts, you might want to try buying the charm pack. You can also make your own charm squares by cutting out 5” squares (or any size) of all your different fabrics.  Interested in purchasing a pack of charm squares?  Here’s a link to Amazon’s charm packs.

Learn more about charm squares in this video.

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TRANSCRIPT: Charm Squares; Encyclopedia

Charm squares are fabric squares. You can buy these pre- packaged, like these 5 inch squares seen here, or you can cut your own, like these. Charm squares can be fun to collect. Quilters like to have fabric exchanges, where they trade squares. The object is to come up with as many different squares as you can. This is a fast and fun way to build up your stash. You can also put these charm squares into quilts. Charm square quilts are quilts where no two fabrics are alike. A few years ago, my quilt group decided to make an eye spy quilt. Eye spy quilts are quilts with pictures in the fabric that you can spy. We had a five inch charm exchange. I used the charm squares to make these fat chicks, or chubby chicks.

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