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Acid-Free Tissue Paper

A type of paper that is used for safely storing quilts.  Acid-free tissue paper is made without the chemicals that can destroy the fabric over time.  Read more

Acrylic Ruler

Acrylic rulers are used for rotary cutting.  They come in many sizes and shapes.  Probably the most popular size for beginners is the 6 inches x 12 inches Read more

Album Quilt

An Album Quilt is a type of friendship quilt.  Individual blocks are signed by friends and assembled into a quilt.  Album Quilts are then given to friends, Read more

Alternate set

Placing a different square between pieced squares is referred to as an alternate set.   In this quilt, the light pink squares alternate with the Read more


This describes a style of quilt particular to the Amish people.  The Amish quilts are often made from traditional patterns with stunning solid colored Read more


Refers to the process by which one piece of fabric is applied to another.  There are many different applique techniques.  The type of stitching and the Read more


  Often the background fabric will be a solid or a tone-on-tone fabric.  These types of fabrics allow the quilt design to stand out.   Read more


The backing is the fabric that goes on the back of the quilt – easy! This can be one large piece of fabric or it can be made from several different fabrics. Here Read more

Baltimore Album

A Baltimore Album quilt is a type of quilt that was originally made in Baltimore in the 1800’s. They have become one of the most popular styles Read more

Bargello Quilts

Bargello quilts mimic a type of needlepoint that uses mathematical patterns to create a design. Often bright colors are used in these geometric designs. In Read more
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