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Ann Tarabini
Ann Tarabini

LearnHowToQuilt.com is a family run website set up as a reference for beginner quilters and sewers.  We love working on projects with our hands and enjoy sharing info with our viewers.  Our hope is that you find joy in sewing and making quilts.  THANKS for visiting!

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Ann Tarabini, Quilt Instructor


My name is Ann Tarabini and I live in Pinole, CA. I am a retired National Board Certified Teacher from the West Contra Costa Unified School District in The San Francisco Bay Area. During regular school years, summer school and evening adult education, I’ve been able to teach all grades (K-Adults) and many different subjects. (I have to say that quilting is my favorite!) Currently I work from home through video instruction.

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  1. Hi Ann. I don’t know you but I do know your husband George form way back in the late 60s and 70s. He was known as Big George. He and his good buddy Keith Pringle, we used

      1. No, just a friend. I saw something on my phone about 1950s Cadillacs and I started reminiscing out George and his 53 going places with him and Keith. Lots of good memories. Say hi to George and hopefully he remembers.

  2. Thanks for the grins. Unfortunately the $5 is only worth $1,64 nowadays. Happy Birthday George you old man. I’m going to give blood tomorrow and I’m hoping the doctor will tell me “make sure you drink plenty of fluids”

  3. Hi Ana,
    We received a letter addressed to you but the address is 2229 Orleans Dr. I tried to find that address so I could drop off your mail. That address does not exist on Orleans. We live at 2329 on Orleans, so post person put it in our mailbox. Please send me your street number so I can drop off your mail!
    Hilal Sala

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