making quilt patterns
cutting methods
Sewing Patchwork
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making patterns
finishing the quilt
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making patterns
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We are dedicated to

Teaching the World to Quilt!

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We feature FREE videos with step-by-step instructions, text transcripts and FREE patterns in PDF format.

  • You may choose to focus on one skill at a time (click on Beginner Basicsor “jump right in” with a full size quilt (click on Quilting Classes).
  • We also have small quilting projects where a beginner can “practice” piecing techniques before conquering larger ventures (click on Quick Quilts and/or Small Projects).
  • Check out our Encyclopedia (a.k.a. “Quiltapedia”) where you’ll find photos and videos for most entries.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to browse our Threadhead Gallery filled with tidbits about some completed quilts.

Hope you learn to enjoy quilting as much as we do! Please subscribe to our mailing list (at bottom of page) to receive updates & beginner patterns throughout the year. Follow our LearnHowToQuilt Adventures on YouTube. THANKS! 🙂


making quilt patterns

Creating a Pattern

Having a beautiful quilt that you adore but no pattern? Find out how to produce patterns on your own.

cutting methods

Cutting Fabric

Learn traditional AND quick cutting methods.

Sewing Patchwork

Sewing Seams

Follow our tips and you’ll be sewing an accurate 1/4″ seam in no time!

finishing the quilt

Finishing the Quilt

You are finished with layering your quilt … now what? Learn about different quilting techniques and how to finish the quilts’ edges.

Expert contribution.

crazy log cabin quilt

This is my first attempt at quilting. Thanks to you and your website I was able to layout this queen size top ready to assemble.

Thank you for your expert contribution.

Kevin L Wiltfong
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Our Services

Get answers to your quilting inquires.

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Quilting Links

Links to our quilting friends.

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About Us

Our mission? Teach the World to Quilt. 🙂


    1. Thanks for visiting LearnHowToQuilt.com. Check out our Beginner Basics section for tutorials on all aspects of quilt making. You might also like to try a beginning quilt under Quilt Classes. Happy quilting!

    1. Hello!

      New quilters might like to check out our Beginner Basics and Small Projects tabs. There you will find information about quilting methods along with small projects to get your started.

      Thanks for visiting our website.

  1. This is great information. I would like to share the link in Mountain Valley Living Magazine, printed and published online in Northern California. I would love to collaborate further or hear from other quilters, as we enjoy including a quilting article in every quarterly edition of our magazine. Eileen: mountainvalleyliving@gmail.com

  2. Saw you on Idiot Quilter. Later today I will spend time on your website, and see what I can learn.

  3. Love this site !! I saw your blooming 9 patch and gathered all my fabric exited to try . I had one fabric that was striped , oh my goodness I’m having a time with the direction to put them together !! Maybe put a note about not using directional fabric !! Hope I can figure it all out ! I’m pulling my hair out ! If you can help me in any way I would welcome your suggestions! Thx 🙏🏽 😃

    1. Hello! Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll add that to supply list. I’ve sent you an email with some suggestions. If you visit our gallery and look for Dad’s Blooming Nine Patch, you’ll see a quilt with 2 directional patterns. They aren’t stripes but they do create the same issue. I sent you an email with suggestions – mainly turning all the stripes in the same direction. Hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing/seeing your finished quilt. Thanks again for pointing out a potential problem.

    1. Hello Kathryn!
      You’ll find free patterns under the Free Patterns tab. You can also go to YouTube to LearnHowToQuilt.com (don’t forget the dot com!) to find videos with links to free patterns.
      Thanks for visiting our site!

    1. Hello! Glad to hear you’re interested in quilting. We have some beginner friendly projects on our site (Quilt Classes & Small Projects) along with lots of videos explaining terms (Encyclopedia) and techniques (Beginner Basics). Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting our site and Happy Quilting!

  4. What a great video lesson on freezer paper applique’.
    I wish I had discovered this site much earlier and before the far too many mistakes I’ve made.

    1. Hello!
      Thanks for commenting! Please share our site with your friends and let us know if there are any other topics you are interested in. Happy Quilting!🙂

  5. I am so excited to find this site! I am a beginner eager to learn. Thank you for all the work you have put into making this possible.

  6. This is a wonderfully clear explanation of the Blooming Nine Patch table runner. Is there any way I could get directions and an amended supply list to make mine longer? I don’t think I can figure it out for myself. My table top is 48″ across, and I would like the runner to extend closer to that length. Can you help me?

    1. Hello Judy! Just saw this today. Sorry for the late reply.
      If you add 3 more squares of fabric #1 in the center for a total of 6 squares, your runner would be about 48″ long. You would need 14 – 9 patch blocks to go around the center squares and 18 squares of fabric #2. Then you would need to cut 5 – 7 5/8″ squares on both diagonals of fabric #3 for the side triangles. You would also need to cut 2 – 4 1/4″ squares on one diagonal for the corner triangles.
      Let me know of you need more help. Ann

  7. I just saw your video on squaring a quilt for borders and it is the best video I’ve seen. I’m a fairly new quilter and have tackled a big project. Your information was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thank you so much.

  8. Just starting to learn at 68 years of age! This is something I’ve always wanted to learn & happy I found your site. I did just buy a panel quilt for my new granddaughter & would love to just outline the animals & border. Any tips to help this beginner?

    1. Hi Janet! So glad to hear you are interested in quilting. I’m not sure if you want to quilt by hand or by machine. Both can produce beautiful results.
      Since you are starting with a panel (BTW – a great way to begin), check out our section on “Finishing the Quilt” – https://learnhowtoquilt.com/quilt-tutorials/finishing-the-quilt/ You’ll find info about batting choices; hand quilting – use polyester and machine quilting – use cotton. You’ll also see the different ways to make the quilt sandwich; hand quilting – baste in place with thread and machine quilting – use safety pins.
      Check out our videos on machine quilting. Start out with straight line quilting using a walking foot. You may find this difficult outlining animals. Free motion quilting with a darning foot would be easier but this takes a lot of practice. We have a series on straight line and free motion quilting you might like: https://learnhowtoquilt.com/small-projects-2/quilted-gift-bags/
      Hope this helps! Ann

  9. You showed a border worksheet in the “How to Make a Quilt Larger” video. The link to that worksheet is broken. Can you send to me?
    Thank you!

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